Virtual Business Phone Service

If you run a small business and are looking for a virtual business phone service, you have a few options to choose from. There are options that are free, and others that are paid for. You can also choose a service that has features like Caller ID and conference calling.


Virtual business phone service is a convenient and cost-effective way to get a number that is more accessible and more effective than a traditional landline. Using the cloud, you can connect with customers and employees on the go. In addition to using the cloud, you can even set up a virtual office to enhance productivity.

The best way to get the most out of your cloud phone system is to buy from a reputable provider. Make sure to shop around to find the best deal. There are some companies that offer free trials so you can try the service out before you commit to it.


Grasshopper is a virtual business phone service for small companies. The company offers a wide range of features to help customers make calls more easily.

Unlike other VoIP services, Grasshopper does not require a pre-existing PBX system. This helps smaller firms avoid the cost of purchasing additional hardware. Additionally, Grasshopper’s entry-level pricing is reasonably priced.

It offers a seven-day free trial. Customers can also choose between several plans. Depending on the plan, a business can choose between three, five, or unlimited extensions. They can also select a vanity number or a toll-free number.

Grasshopper also provides voicemail transcription and on-hold music. These features are useful for customers who prefer to speak with an actual human.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a virtual business phone service that is similar to a traditional phone but has the added benefit of being web-based. It provides call forwarding, voicemail, text messaging, and more. However, it is not for everyone.

Google Voice works on computers and smartphones. To begin, you must sign up for a Google Account. You will also need to choose a plan. The most basic plan is $10 per user per month. If you’re looking for more, you can opt for a more comprehensive plan for $30.

Google Voice’s most impressive feature is its ability to merge multiple communication channels. For example, you can send emails to your Google account and receive replies through a Gmail address.


Ooma is an affordable, modern virtual business phone service. It is designed for businesses of all sizes, and it’s compatible with a wide variety of IP phones. In addition to the traditional analog desk phone, the service supports SIP trunking. This allows businesses to have an integrated voice and video solution.

For businesses that need to expand, Ooma offers a range of options. The company has a free smartphone app that helps you choose your virtual service. Depending on your needs, you can select from three different pricing tiers.

If you have an existing business telephone system, Ooma will install it for you. If you don’t, they’ll help you set up a new phone system. Besides phones, the company offers a variety of hardware.


Nextiva is a virtual business phone service that allows you to take your phone service to the cloud. This means you can get rid of expensive PBX equipment and answer calls from anywhere in the world.

Nextiva is a reliable service that is ideal for mid-sized and smaller businesses. It has a number of different packages and features to choose from. The most basic plan includes a mobile app, unlimited calling, text messaging, and a caller ID. If you’re looking for more advanced options, you can go with a premium package.

One of the best aspects of Nextiva is that the company is 100% US-based. This means that customers can get in touch with customer support any time they need it. Plus, they also offer free demos to try out the service.


Dialpad is a modern business phone system that supports Android and iOS phones, PCs and Macs. It provides you with a virtual business number, and allows you to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere. There is a 14-day free trial, and you can close your account at any time. You can choose from three plans: the Standard plan, the Enterprise plan, and the Pro plan.

Dialpad’s analytics dashboard is a great way to see how much call volume your team is receiving. It can also identify the best times to transcribe your conversations and provide you with heat maps for specific call volumes.